Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just a little off the top, please...

This will probably be just a short post.

I recently went to get a haircut. Baron (my partner) decided to surprise me with one, since I'd been complaining about looking a bit shaggy.

The lady cutting my hair was older, and I tend to worry about older stylists, because they tend to be pretty rigid when it comes to how they cut hair. I told her I didn't want a girl's haircut, I wanted a men's haircut, or a boys haircut. She didn't quite follow what i was saying, so she brought over a style book for me to look at. She flipped through "Short Hair" pictures for women, and pointed out some things she liked. I took the book from her, flipped to the back under "Men's Hair", and picked out this really cute bushy kind of trendy haircut. She kept saying "Are you sure?" and was very wary of doing what I asked her to do. In the end, I still think she played the conservative, and left the hair too long for my comfort.

I've found, as time goes on, stylists tend to be too afraid to give me, the customer, what I ask for. They don't want to cut my hair boyish, they're afraid of cutting it too short - even though I tell them that I used to shave my head, and that there's no such thing as "too short". They're afraid of jeopardizing their tip by doing something "wrong", even when that wrong is exactly what I'm asking for. Frustration abounds.

I've had it suggested to me that I go to a barber, but I've noticed that most barbers only know how to cut two styles, and I have no interest in getting a buzzcut. I don't feel the need to look like a butch lesbian marine.

Is there really something wrong with wanting a cute, trendy haircut that just happens to be in the "male" section of the style book? Seriously?