Monday, February 9, 2009

Flasback! 7th Grade

So I went out to run errands today: picked up an Ebay purchase at the post office, went to CVS to get cold medicine for my sick roommate, and stopped by Arby's to bring home some dinner (forgot how expensive they are!).

As I'm pulling out of Arby's, Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue comes on the radio station. Suddenly it's like I'm transported back to eight grade, and I'm twelve years old again.

I remember a classmate tearing the legs off the Gumby keychain my oldest brother gave me.

I also remember someone handing me back the mix tape I'd made for the class party (I think for the last day of school). This was of course after someone had smashed it.

I recall the school dance, where the only person who would dance with me was the assistant principal.

*sigh* Ah, memories.


  1. Great song.

    Sounds like grade school sucked for you too.

    As for the "no one would dance with you" bit... in 7th grade, no one would dance with me either. Shoot, no one was dancing period.

    10th and 11th grade Speech and Debate trips? Oh yes. Much dancing ensued. As well as ... *cough* other stuff...

  2. *shudder*
    Oh, god, junior high. No wonder so many people need therapy. For me, junior high was a brief happy period, the times immediately before and after it were as bad as you describe. I hate even thinking about it. Fucking gives me nightmares.


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