Saturday, February 21, 2009


I went to one of my favorite LGBT related sites, The Bilerico Project, for my usual favorites in LGBT Blogging and News. There was a popup from Nielsen Online for a survey to better understand site traffic. From what I can gather it's a branch of The Nielsen Co., a company I worked for a few years back doing data entry on television commercials under Nielsen Media Associates.

I figure, if it's to collect data on the site, sure why not?

First line: Age ... god I'm in the 35-44 age bracket?? *cringe* *click*

Second line: Gender: Male, Female



*looks at the LGBT, site zie's on, looks back at the survey*

*shakes head*



  1. That's not them being stupid, that's the computer not knowing that there are other options for that imput... *shrug*

  2. Yanno... that's a perfectly good excuse to tell the survey people to sod off, yeah?

    "I'm sorry, you don't list my gender choice here."

    "But... you're..."

    "No. I'm not. Go correct your survey and come back. Thank you!"


As always, be respectful of your fellow human beings.